Sunday, July 5, 2009

Writing Exercise

I have several books that I am reading simultaneously. One of them is an idea book for writers. In it is an idea for setting time aside for writing. According to the author, you should set time aside to write, whether you actually write or not (kinda of what I am doing now). I have not been so disciplined that I was writing at a specific time. I have been writing when the mood struck me--which is about 2 to 3 times a week. (I wrote in an earlier post that writing every day was too much for me right now.) In this exercise from the book, I am to sit at my desk/computer for a specified length of time ( I get to set the length of time) and write...or twiddle my thumbs. I have had the most wonderful ideas just sitting here thinking I had nothing to write. Naturally, I have captured them all on paper. Imagine my surprise at this discovery about myself. I really can write everyday and it not be too much of a struggle. This exercise has really worked for me. I truly didn't think it would. So now I'm closing because...guess what? I have another exciting idea for a story coming on. See ya.

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