Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back Online!

I am extremely excited to be back online (imagine me doing the "Snoopy dance"). My modem died about 2 1/2 weeks ago. It's been rough not being able to check my email or visit my social networks. I took a survey on Facebook once that asked, "How addicted to Facebook are you?" My results were that I am 100% addicted. I'm a Cyberspace Addict. Did I mention that I really missed being online?. Although I had a combined total of 3800 unread emails from 4 different email accounts that had to be answered, I still missed visiting my social networks, chatting with friends, researching subjects for potential novels, working on my genealogy and just plain hanging out (like at the mall, only sitting in from of a desktop or notebook). Did I mention that I was happy to be back online again? The good thing that came out of not having the internet was that I read a lot--books on the elements of writing and Maryjanice Davidson's entire "Undead" series, including the anthologies and her "Wyndham Werewolves". I was also able to go to bed early--about 10pm, which is early for me.


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