Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!!

Lets remember those who died in our Nation's service in order that we may enjoy Freedom.

Enjoy your day tomorrow!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have been playing around with building a website for my future writings.
Loading the website is sometimes daunting. I mean adding something you think might look good and seeing the finished area is...*sighing loudly and slowly shaking head*

Anyway, it's all coming together. Slowly.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Just a few thoughts on Mother's Day. For most of us, when we were young, Mom was the single most important person in our lives. Let's face it, she knows everything there is to know about us. She let us have space in her body for a little over nine months, feeding us and keeping us warm and didn't even charge rent!...Wow! who else would do that?

Mom was the first person to see us naked...think about it. The first person to witness us drooling, eating & drinking like a pig, throwing up, smelling like pee and lighting up a room when we "break wind" and have bowel movements, and also when we have temper tantrums. All the really embarrassing stuff and here's the kicker--she still loves us for it.

She was there when we took our first steps and picked us up when we fell. She fought all of our battles until we could fight our own and helped us celebrate our first victories. Our very own cheering squad and fan club all rolled into one. She was the first person we told our secrets to...and she kept them!

With all of that, she was also the first to set us straight when we got out of line--our judge, jury and executor of punishments. Some times we got off light and sometimes we couldn't set comfortably for a few days. Some of us would say, "Wait until I grow up, I won't treat my children this way." But one day we wake up and put or hands to our mouth and say "I've become my mother! Our punishments were executed with love and the knowledge that this would hopefully help us become well adjusted people and follow in her footsteps to become good parents.

So whether our moms have left this plain of existence for a better one or still here to give us love and advice, lets remember:

The time we ate all of the jelly and denied it and everyone got punished, or...
The time we came it after curfew and was grounded for a week, or...
The time we ran that touchdown and we could here mom screaming the loudest from
from the sidelines, or...
We won an award and could here mom clapping, screaming "That's my child!" and

thank heaven we were given the best mom in the entire world.


Sunday, May 2, 2010


Its been a busy year for me so far. I have had two close relatives--my dad and my brother--to become ill. I have been assisting my mom in caring for them so have had little or no time to post. Things are looking up for both of them at present. My brother's condition is more serious than my father's, so his recovery will take some time. Keep us in your positive thoughts and prayers. I will be checking back in periodically and hopefully be able to post something about my progress.


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