Monday, October 17, 2016

Are You Up to the Challenge? #NaNoWriMo #amwriting

I've never won the NaNoWriMo challenge.  Oh, I try every year, but someway, somehow complications occur and before I know it, the deadline has passed.

A few of the years I've been a hundred words from achieving my objective and at other times when every obstacle imaginable have presented themselves--chauffeuring my grandson to and from work, car repair, picking up those last minute grocery items from the market, and I've missed the target by a few thousand words.

The important thing about this challenge is trying. Never giving up. Persevering. Striving for that obtainable goal because it really is reachable. 50,000 words. And someday I'll be victorious. I'll proudly display my triumphant banner on this blog, my website, and social media.

November 1, the challenge begins anew. My notepad, pen, pencils and laptop are primed.  On your mark. Get ready...

Are you up to the challenge?


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