Sunday, May 31, 2009

Learning from Social Networks

I have found quite a few social networks that deal with writers, readers and publishing. They are very interesting sites. I have joined some of them. There are groups within these social networks with such sections as critique groups, newbie writer groups and specific genre groups. Some of these sites offer online workshops on a variety of subjects that I hope one day to participate in/attend. The opinions of the writers/authors that have "been there" and "done that" is very enlightening and encouraging to me--reading about their joy at being published and being able to give a release date for their work , inviting members of the site to read excerpts of their work (I'm excited for them and envious because I can hardly wait for my time) ; and, at the same time discouraging to me because of the frustration and nail-biting associated with manuscript submission and rejections (I am sad for them and hope that this will never be me although I know it will one day. I think you have to experience some rejection in order to appreciate the delirious joy of being published--especially traditional publishing). The writers on these sites give a lot of information about writing and publishing--whether traditional or self publishing. They give a lot of pros and cons for both kinds of publishing. There is a lot of information about marketing/promoting your published work like creating websites and blog posts that will draw readers to your sites. There are all kinds of forums and discussions about everything to do with writing. Being on those sites is kind of like releasing a child in a candy store and then telling that child to choose one item. Its almost impossible to know which way to go to make a selection (blog, forum, discussion or group) and which "item" to choose when you get there. I am learning so much and hope some day in the future I will be able to tell of my own delirious publishing adventure.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lover's Dispute Scene

Last Saturday morning, I woke with an awesome need to write. I am keeping a journal beside my bed for this very purpose (I used to do this before I got too busy to write). Every other day, I try to do some sort of writing exercise. Right now, everyday would be more than I can handle. Anyway, I grabbed the journal, turned to a clean page and the words just poured from my mind through my pen on to the page. One of my people was really generous and I was truly amazed. I wrote about a Lover's Misunderstanding. To my way of thinking, I feel I did pretty good describing the emotions of the characters and changing view points. I did not get into a description of either of the characters and no setting except to mention that the female character was laying on a bed (I'm still working on setting, plot, conflict--all of the elements). I read it over and over looking for mistakes and corrected what I could. I let someone else read it and was given a thumbs up. I could almost say I was feeling really cocky...almost, but I know I still have a lot of work to do. Okay, I'm finished for now.


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