Friday, March 17, 2017

Plot Away...My Writing Process

Welcome to week 11 of the MFRW's 52-Week Blog Challenge. Today's post is about my writing process. This a blog hop for writers to learn more about each other. Anyone can join at any point in the challenge. Learn more about the challenge by following this link.

Planners (Plotters)--Plotters like to know where is the story is going from beginning to end mapping it out to the last scene and detail. My brain doesn't work like that. I've tried plotting with no success. I'll attempt an outline and quickly loose interest.

Pantsers--Those who "write by the seat of their pants" make the story up as they go along. Pantsing is easier for me. I'm not bound by an outline. I'm free to create a story from a blank page.

Plantsers--Writers who like both methods. That's me. A hybrid. While I can't rigidly outline, I do write 20 to 30 pages describing what happens in the story. For me, it's a guide giving a general idea of how the story may progress, but still allowing for detours from the script as needed.

Plotter, Pantser or Plantser?  Which one are you? Let's discuss them in the comments.

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