Friday, March 3, 2017

Icky Words #MFRW

It's week 9 of the #MFRW blog hop. This week's prompt, words that make me go ick or eww.
Follow this link to learn more. Anyone can join at any point in the challenge.

There are just a few words that make me shudder.

Snot/mucus comes to mind. It conjures a child's runny nose with mucus laying between the nostril and top lip and the color is usually whitish or green. *shudder*

Vomit. Witnessing or thinking about it makes me want to hurl too. My stomach and throat ache from my dry heaves.

Words of a sexual nature:

  • pussy
  • moist
  • dick
  • cum 

They make me uncomfortable and I can't force myself write those words in a love scene. What about you? What words make you go ick?

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