Friday, March 10, 2017

My Guilty Pleasures #MFRW

It's week 10 of the MFRW's blog challenge. This weeks prompt is "Seven Guilty Pleasures."
Anyone can join at any point in the challenge. Follow this link to learn more.

My Pleasures:

1. English Breakfast Tea. Nothing like starting the day with a cup of tea. Both hot and cold tea is my favorite beverage. There is something about it that's soothing. allows it to drains away the day's stress. As I write this post, it's cold, thundering and raining outside. I have a cup beside me. The robust scent, coppery-red color, and hint of lime added in a beautiful, delicate bone china cup and saucer is warm and comforting on a day like today.

2. Reading. As I mentioned above, it's raining. Curling up on the couch with a good book, a cup of hot tea, pillow and matching fleece throw over the lower body is heaven. I've never physically been to Europe or traveled through time, but reading carries the reader to faraway and exotic places past, present and future creating tender and adventurous moments to be relived again and again.

3. Star Trek. I looove this franchise. At present, Star Trek (TOG) and The Next Generation (TNG) are the ones I've been able to find and watch on TV plus the movies with the Chris Pine crew. My plan is to buy all of the movies and the series for Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. TV/Movie Marathon!

I have ideas for world/universe building and a science fiction romance series percolating.

4. Dilled Cucumber and Tomato Salad. This year I decided to make a life change. I've started the Mediterranean Diet. So far, other than a greek salad, this cucumber and tomato salad is my favorite.

5. Pearls.  In my opinion, pearls represent refinement, beauty, and class. In the book, "Grits (Girls Raised In The South) Guide to life" by Deborah Ford, the sign of a true southern woman is pearls, a cast iron skillet, and a magnolia tree in the front yard.

Imagine: Seated on a wide veranda a victorian bed and breakfast dressed in cool spring flirty tea length dress, pearls clasped around your neck, a mint julep in hand conversing with the Ladies Garden Club.  I've got the pearls, the flirty dress,  and the skillet. To complete my qualifications to be a full-fledged GRITS girl, I just need the tree.

6. Tiny House Living. Tiny House Living is an HGTV program showcasing various sizes of tiny homes and the person/families making the decision to free themselves of "stuff" and living tiny. The homes can be stationary or mobile. As small as 96 sq. ft. or as large as 500 sq. ft., wood or metal, single or modular. They can be one story or have a loft or two. I would love to attempt living in a tiny house for about a week, maybe longer to see if it's something I could do long-term.  Travel across the country taking my home with me--no hotels, no restaurant food just paying for utility hook ups and taking to the road again. If that doesn't work, I could use it as a writing retreat or a guest house for visiting family or friends.

7. Jamocha Shake. The best thing Arby's ever created is the Jamocha Shake. Smooth, creamy, chocolatey coffee flavored drink.

What about you? What are your guilty pleasures? Tell me in the comments.

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