Friday, February 24, 2017

Book Titles: How I Choose #MFRW

Welcome to week eight of the MFRW 52-Week Blog Challenge. Any author can join in at any point in the challenge. FOLLOW THIS LINK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CHALLENGE.

Dozens and dozens of story ideas are all around and I usually record them in a handy notebook in my purse or in a notepad on my nightstand. I have no problems meeting characters who introduce themselves to me asking that I tell their story. But titles for their stories--not so much. There's where my difficulties start.

Sometimes family and friends will make suggestions if they've  read an excerpt or my plot notes. It's like I have some sort of block when it comes to naming the book. As a result, I usually give tentative titles like Mariah's story or write a short sentence for the title until I can think of one which I'm embarrassed to say takes months.

Do you have trouble coming up with titles? What is your process for naming your books? Tell me in the comments.

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