Friday, May 12, 2017

My Hero...sigh #MFRWAuthor

It's week 19, ya'll, of the MFRW 52-week Blogging Challenge. This week's topic is "The Ideal Romance Hero." Any author can join in on the fun. Click here to find out how.

Cue the music "I Need A Hero."   The Words

The ideal romance hero...whether fiction or real, to me embody the same qualities. My father who is the model of the man I'm looking for. My brothers and my son who followed in my dad's footsteps, and the uncles and cousins I'm visiting this week. They all have these qualities.

Those qualities:
Genuinely good person--calm, caring, patient, affectionate, friendly.

A sense of humor. A man who can laugh as well as laugh at himself.

Gentleman--chivalrous, a man of his word, a man of honor--willing to hold a door open or hold a chair.

Attentive--vigilant, interested, conscientious--willing to give his undivided attention.

Intelligent--well-read, observant, curious. Can converse on most subjects without being arrogant or egotistical.

The above qualifications are from the inside of the hero. They shine outward for the world to observe. A man with the strength of character to stand on his convictions and conscience and not be swayed by the winds (opinions) that blow this way and that. Physical beauty or looks are fine, but not away important. My aunt had a saying, "Beauty fades away, but ugly holds its own." Example: Beauty and the Beast. A prince turned into a monstrous beast but learned the true meaning of being a hero and love. When he stopped being growly, he exhibited his true worth--the hero qualities listed above and was willing to let Belle so. But love prevailed and they lived happily ever after. (Photo:

These are just a small section of the qualities as demonstrated by my hero pictured above. This is a blog hop. Please be sure to check out the other authors/bloggers.

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