Friday, May 26, 2017

My Best Childhood Memory -- Me and Dad

It's Friday and another Marketing For Romance Writers blog challenge. This is week 21 of the 52-week challenge.  Want more information about this venture? Click here.

This week's topic--"A Childhood Memory."

My earliest memory is of me as a four-year-old and my dad.  That year, my mom worked at a summer camp run by a church. If fact, like the camp kids, she stayed there. So at home, it was me and dad until he went to work and then it was me and my aunt, his sister.

In the mornings, he cooked breakfast and we ate together. Sometimes he'd let me watch Bozo the Clown (I'm dating myself) while he braided my hair and got me ready to walk me to my aunt's house before leaving for work. When he returned home in the evenings, he would pick me up from my aunt's house and we'd go home. He would cook dinner. Again, we'd eat together, watched television and talked about our day. Then he'd get me ready for bed. I had him all to myself. Can you tell I was a daddy's girl?

On the weekends, we went to visit mom at the camp. Back in the day, before seat belts, I would stand on the front bench seat in the car with both my little arms hooked behind the backrest, talk to dad and point out cows and horses in pastures and other cars we passed as we whizzed down the highway.

At the camp, we'd hug mom really tight. I missed her and wished she was home, but we got to spend the entire weekend with her. I remember looking at all those kids running around laughing and screaming and I thought, I got to see my dad every day and my mom every weekend while they had to wait until the summer was over to see their parents.

That's about as much as I remembered myself. I had to get a little help from my mom.  What about you. What is your fondest childhood memory? Tell me in the comment and don't forget to cruise by the other author blogs.

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