Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Musing

Good Morning!

I thought I'd share what my writing space looks like. I converted the second bedroom of my home into an office. The color scheme of the room is white, black with many shades of pink.

There are two windows wearing varying colors of pink curtains and white blinds. Between the windows is my black wooden triangle-shaped/corner desk with a black and fushia rolling chair. The desk holds my netbook, a landline phone, a dark pink based lamp with a white shade, my pink/fushia office tools and a clear in-tray for holding pages of edited works in progress and internet research.

My printer is on a black tray table next to the desk. Above the tray table, on the wall is a white magnetic board with small round multicolored magnets used as a storyboard or for messages.

Three black bookcases. One, a small two shelf bookcase. The top is used to hold open books currently in use. The shelves hold computer software and travel videos for out of state/country settings. Another, a small three shelf that holds five books each shelf. These are the books that are used all the time. The last, a large five shelf bookcase holding the rest of my books on craft of writing.

There is a TV for taking breaks from writing and a stereo system for listening to music when I need to be in the mood for writing romantic scenes.

A light pink, peach, beige and white sleeper sofa with throw pillows round out the room. It's used for those all important naps when the brain is too tired to function.

It's not too obvious that I like black and pink is it?

What is your writing space like?


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