Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lover's Dispute Scene

Last Saturday morning, I woke with an awesome need to write. I am keeping a journal beside my bed for this very purpose (I used to do this before I got too busy to write). Every other day, I try to do some sort of writing exercise. Right now, everyday would be more than I can handle. Anyway, I grabbed the journal, turned to a clean page and the words just poured from my mind through my pen on to the page. One of my people was really generous and I was truly amazed. I wrote about a Lover's Misunderstanding. To my way of thinking, I feel I did pretty good describing the emotions of the characters and changing view points. I did not get into a description of either of the characters and no setting except to mention that the female character was laying on a bed (I'm still working on setting, plot, conflict--all of the elements). I read it over and over looking for mistakes and corrected what I could. I let someone else read it and was given a thumbs up. I could almost say I was feeling really cocky...almost, but I know I still have a lot of work to do. Okay, I'm finished for now.


  1. Write, revise, rewrite, revise again and keep on writing. That's a life a of good writer--at least I hope, because the gods know that's all I do!

  2. Continue on. Your muse is stirring mightily, this is clear. Let it flow, and go with the flow.

  3. these are good signs!

    I try to do 'morning pages', (from Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way) first thing when I wake up. It's quite amazing what comes out straight after sleep isn't it?

    All the best with the writing - may the flow continue!

  4. It feels really good when words flow effortlessly, doesn't it? In a way it makes up for the times when nothing comes out at all or when it is a struggle to get the thoughts "written" the way they are playing around in your head.



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