Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Deadly, Calm & Cold (The Collectors); Her Tender Touch (Harlequin Kimani) #Books

Revenge, secrets, lost treasure, collectors...todays' anticipated selections has it! First up is:

Book: Deadly, Calm & Cold (The Collectors)

By: Susannah Sandlin

Release Date: December 2, 2014

Pubisher: Montlake Romance


From award-winning author Susannah Sandlin comes the second book in The Collectors series.

How far will ordinary people go to protect their secrets? The Collectors’ games are as much about manipulating lives as finding lost treasure. Everyone is expendable as the ruthless C7 pushes people into gambling with their lives in order to find priceless objects lost to history.

Samantha Crowe’s secrets could ruin her career, while Brody Parker’s could get him killed. They become pawns for two Collectors seeking Bad King John’s crown jewels, which disappeared in rural England back when Robin Hood roamed Nottingham. This time, however, the Collectors—a ruthless dotcom billionaire and a desperate London detective—might not be playing for the same team, leaving Sam and Brody trapped in the middle.

One thing’s for sure: if either hopes to survive, Sam and Brody will have to find a way to overcome their distrust—and their growing attraction—in order to succeed on this winner-take-all treasure hunt.

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Book: Her Tender Touch

By Dara Girard

Release Date: December 1, 2014

Publisher: Harlequin Kimani Romance


Satisfaction guaranteed…

The software empire Jason Ward built from scratch is his best revenge against the tragic past he wants to forget. But when a business rival seizes his company, he discovers he has to reinvent his ruthless reputation. Hiring Abby Baylor to give him a polished edge with investors is a brilliant business move. Until she unleashes a desire that has Jason aching to show the gorgeous etiquette coach a few maneuvers of his own.

Still reeling from a messy divorce, Abby's steering clear of romance, especially with her fiery-tempered new client. But the seductive entrepreneur is tempting her to mix business and pleasure with a passion that soon melts her resolve. However, when secrets from Jason's past threaten both their futures and their lives, is Abby ready to gamble everything on love—the biggest game-changer of all?

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