Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Musing

I love writing. Finding the time to do so is difficult if you have a day job and family obligations. I get in a little writing on my breaks twice a day at work, but writing at home is a different ballgame. There's cooking, cleaning, washing and spending time with the significant other and children. It doesn't leave much time for putting pencil to paper or fingers to the keyboard.

When do you find time to write?


  1. Hi, Alicia! I've been on vacation this week but am diving back into the swing of things now . . . inlcuding writing! You're so right about squeezing in the time to pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. :) I try to write for 5-6 hours on a Saturday or Sunday and will occassionally grab a few hours one evening a week. Like you, I've got to juggle a day job and home life. BTW, I like your Monday Musing feature! :)

  2. Vacation was great, I hope. I think I'll try that 5-6 hours on Saturday or Sunday but I'll start smaller like 2-4 hours. Thanks for the writing tip.



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