Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Like Mother's Day, this a repost from an earlier year. Things have been a little rough this year for my family. Dad has been a constant through it all. Here is the earlier post:

My Dad is a pretty cool guy. He likes to play with the children of our family. He's a fantastic fan of tickling. He's not happy unless he has had one of us screaming with laughter while being tickled. He has his own speech and sign language that everyone of us at some time has spoken and/or signed with him. He watches kid shows and cartoons with some of his great-grandchildren. He makes every effort to "save" his grandchildren and great-grandchildren from punishments that we, as parents, attempt to enforce. (He did not same thing when we were kids when Momma tried to punish us.) With the death of a majority of his siblings, he has embraced their children as his own and is always enquiring of their welfare.

I did not post anything yesterday as I spent the entire day with my Dad. He started the day at breakfast with my Mom, Dad's sister, my Brother, my Son, myself and three of his ten great-grandchildren. He received numerous well-wishing calls from some other grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well as other relatives and friends.

Later in the day, we took my Dad to his favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel. He ordered his favorite meal which is a farm raised catfish dinner. He was well and truly stuffed when he was able to get up from the table and leave. This was a great "pick me up" for him as he has been ill lately. He really enjoyed the day.

This year instead of spending the day at my Dad's favorite restaurant with him, we are visiting with him in hospital. And, like the earlier post, I and my family will spend the entire day at the hospital.

Get well quick Dad, Happy Father's Day. I love you.

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  1. Alicia, your father sounds very special. What a blessing he must be! I'm sorry to hear he is ill and hope he will be released from the hospital soon. I'm sure it meant a lot for him to have you and the whole family there with him yesterday. Sending well wishes to all of you!



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