Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random Thoughts/Birthday Today

I have been so caught up on writing interesting little stories and creating characters profiles that I almost forgot to write about my progress here. I have no concrete agenda today, just some random thoughts. I am a member of a writing group that is currently writing a story that everyone can contribute to (I am currently lurking in the background, reading what's been written and writing my bit in my notebook because I'm not ready to put myself "out there" yet). It very scary letting my work go so others besides my trusted few can read it. I think my bit works good with whats been written, but again, that's what I think. Hopefully I will be ready one day soon. Anyway, I won't be long today, because today is my birthday and I have been celebrating all day. See ya!


  1. Happy belated birthday!!!

    You will share your writing when you are ready, so don't kill yourself over it. I share my stories with only a few, mostly the ones I sent to contest--you know, a girl needs a few free editors lol. But the whole sharing thing is kind of hard at first. It is difficult to work on something for days, weeks, months, years! Just to get someone to tell you that it wasn't as good as you thought, then again that's the writing world.

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes. How is your recovery coming along? You are so right about writing. It's like they (our writings) are our children, because of all of the nurturing (editing, rewriting, etc) going into them to produce a great story or novel (in our opinion) that you send out into the world.

  3. Happy belated Birthday! I hope it was good and that at least one of your wishes came true. I also hope you're getting plenty writing done. I got de-railed, my writing is on hold - - again.

    Have a great week!



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